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About Me

Although I now live in Virginia, I grew up in Hawai'i. My older brother Newton and I had many hair-raising adventures while our parents were busy working. We bicycled all over our hometown of Wahiawa, frequenting the pet shop, theatre, Dairy Queen, Ben Franklin, and of course, the public library. We looked for the Green Lady in the gulch and stayed away from Dole Road, where scary Mr. Wooten lived.

In school, I liked anything having to do with books, writing, and stories. After my second grade teacher said I talked too much in class, I became a quiet student and wrote everything down instead. My fourth grade teacher published my first piece, a field trip report, in the PTA newsletter. I wrote poetry in high school, and in college I majored in English and took many writing classes.

While teaching high school English in London, England, I met my husband, Len, a native of New Hampshire. Shortly after we moved to Virginia in the early 80's, I began writing full time.

Several years ago, we moved into our new house, which we designed and built ourselves. We are surrounded by tall, silent trees and constantly entertained by wild animal friends: Samuel the squirrel, Fuzzy the fox, Mr. Pampano the possum, and Boxcar the land tortoise. A herd of gentle deer, some noisy woodpeckers, and a few skunks, raccoons, wild turkeys, and snakes complete the menagerie.

Although we don't have any indoor pets, a lot of teddy bears live with us. Last count was over 300. Who could turn a bear away when he knocks on your front door? Just wish they'd all help with the dusting.☺

Writing continues to be the ultimate love-hate relationship. Nothing is as difficult or as rewarding. In addition to the children's books featured on this site, I have published stories and articles in such magazines as Girlhood Home Companion, Highlights for Children, Crayola Kids, Humpty Dumpty, Children's Digest, Cobblestone, Hopscotch, Aloha, Country Home, and Country Living. I've always enjoyed writing about food most of all, and can usually be found "researching" and cooking up more yummy stories, articles and essays.

Our house in the woods
for you!

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